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HHXRISE Acrylic Bird Feeder W003


Product Description:

  • Quality material and easy to install: High-quality suction cup can firmly sticking the bird feeder to the window for any weather and seasons of the year. Clear thick premium acrylic providing you beautiful view of the wild birds
  • Extra ideas for care of the birds: Large wide standing perch design makes more birds feel more comfortable, the pattern hole help water-dropping quickly when in the raining day.
  • Vivid acrylic bird station: Our bird feeder modeling design looks more vivid, and bird viewing will never be obstructed with the crystal clear acrylic.
  • Kids close to nature and family joy: Made from acrylic and with high transparency, kids could enjoy the bird watching fun with parents, just watch the birds sitting inches away from their faces, closer to nature, and family fun from the comfort while relaxing. A wonderful gift for any bird or nature lover.
  • Strong Suction Cups: 2 strong suction cup make sure the stability of the crystal window feeder. Not easy to fall not matter windy or raining. It will suck the window tightly. No matter how many birds stand on it, the bird feeder will adsorb the window very tightly. 

Why HHXRISE Bird Feeder is the best choice for you?

HHXRISE simple trapezoid shape is different from other trapezoid bird feeders, with the open feeding and suits for any type and size of the bird. And the bird can stand on the same side, which helps you to observe the bird better clearly.

Premium Quality Material: Extra-thick acrylic is durable yet lightweight. Big premium grade suction cups keep the feeder mounted & affixed firmly on your window or any smooth surface without fail.

Crystal Outlooking: Feed and watch wild birds from the comfort of your home! Made from high transparency, crystal clear, see-through acrylic so that you can examine beautiful songbirds in vivid detail just inches away from your eyes. Simply mount outdoors on the outside of your window. Elegant Gift: Our bird feeder is packed with an elegant gift box, it is a great option to send it as a gift to your friends or families

Removable Cover: The bird feeder has a removable cover to keep the rain and dust out. Avoid the seed get wet or mold.

Multiple Drain Holes:Abundant drainage holes to keep seeds dry ventilated, make sure that the bird can eat healthy food.

Detachable Rubber Stand:There are rubber stands that help the birds to catch the feeder and stand. The rubber material is soft and safe, which will not hurt the birds. The rubber stands are easy to install and not easy to fall even raining。

That's is a wonderful feeling to help the animals without imprisoning the freedom of the birds. Please give the bird some time to adapt to the new bird feeder.

Best Gift for your Kids!!

Are your kids need to finish the homework about observe animals? Do you want your kids to reduce to play electric games? It will be a brilliant present for your kids. He/She can learn different birds eating habits and it also can protect your kid's eyes. Getting close to nature and he will know the importance of protecting nature and animals. He will become a caring people and everyone will like him.

Great For Pets Lovers!

If you have pets in your home our HHXRISE Bird Feeders for outside are a GREAT pets-sitter offering your indoor pets hours of enjoyment watching birds from your feeder outside. Especially for the cats. Our window bird feeders give your pets the ability to watch birds close up from inside your home. We have many customers who purchase our window bird feeder just for their cats. It will be a great gift to catch pets' attention if you don't want them to mess your room.

Please note before using the bird feeder, press each suction cup firmly to make sure each one stuck on the window well:

  • Make the window clean and dry
  • Install the suction cups, but do not fully screw them
  • Press each suction cup again to squeeze all the air out, now fully screw the suction cups
  • Make sure they stuck on the window totally, install the feeder back on, then put on the seed tray.